Today would have been my Gran's 84th birthday. I miss her so much some days! She was truly a special lady. I can say that with even more certainty now that I am a parent and see my parents as grandparents. They are such special people.

Gran was always up for fun. We giggled together, told jokes, and laughed a lot. My mom would often roll her eyes at us and walk away. Now I know why - I've done it to her with my kids:) It is even more fitting that my kids call my mom "Gran." It's such a reminder of what a special relationship I had!

Some of my favorite memories of my Gran are:
- Sunday afternoon lunch at her house every week (even though I didn't really like the menu!)
- Saturday morning shopping - grocery & the mall
- playing cards in the car on long trips to Tennessee
- eating lunch with her and grandad on Wednesdays when I finally left college and went to work!
- sitting in church on Sunday mornings with her and grandad when I was little
- her singing "Holy Spirit, breathe on me" in church... and then making fun of her singing it afterwards!
- whispering to her a "marginal" joke and us laughing hysterically about the punch line
- her pound cake - NO ONE can make one like she used to
- eating lunch (usually tuna fish sandwiches packed by her) at rest stops on long road trips
- Disney World rides with her beside me - and laughing the whole time
- spending the night at her house and her letting me skip brushing my teeth at night (which now I think is gross:)
- her washing my hair in her kitchen sink when I was little
- her loving on Stone until he was 9 months old
I do miss my Gran. Mostly I'm sad she didn't get to see all of my children. I do know, though, that would just be for my benefit. She is pain free, care free, and made whole - worshipping our Lord every moment of every day. I will see her again one day, and in that I take comfort.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ashley. I miss her too, every day of my life. I am thankful for all the special times you had with her. I loved reading some that you wrote. And, you are right, she suffers no more and we will see her again one day. I love you, Mom

mimiburroughs said...

That was so sweet, Ashley...thanks for sharing!!!

angie said...

oh, ash. i wish i could've known your Gran. I loved reading this about her and the special relationship that you had with her!

Tara Smith said...

That was so sweet!

Christy said...

Oh those Sunday lunches! So great! Playing cards on her living room floor. Singing her the damaged tortilla song! And how much she loved you. What a great picture too. Love ya.

Elizabeth said...

I loved your Gran and my Gran. Those are great memories of Gran-I love the Breathe on me one.

Anonymous said...

She was very special and I too miss her very much. That was sweet to help us all remember her on her birthday. love ya, Troy

Stephanie said...

Ashley, That was precious. I remember your Gran and she WAS a very special lady. I was impressed by her. Oddly enough, just tonight when I was putting dressing on my salad I remembered her telling me once that she liked just a small amount of salad dressing--just enough to flavor the leaves. I think she told me that while we were eating at her house when I was babysitting you and Troy one weekend. She also gave me some good recipes and told me that in order to whip cream well I needed to use an old fashioned beater. I'm glad you and she had such a special bond! Stephanie