Today is payday in the Sears' house - not for daddy or mommy, but for Stone. I must say he is adapting to his chores very well. I know he's only 3 (which seems a little strict to already be doing chores) but he has to learn sometime how to earn and manage money, so why not start early? After all, if there is one thing I will do differently with my children than my parents did with me, it's teach them about money and the responsibility that comes with it earlier. I learned, but more often by the hard way and not by being taught directly (which I know was because my parents didn't want me to have to worry about it - and I am TRULY grateful!!)

So, Stone has a chores chart. Each week he has to: 1. put his shoes in his closet 5 times 2. dust 3 times 3. put his clothes in the hamper 5 times 4. pick up his toys 4 times and 5. say his Bible verse 6 times. On Sunday we review the week and he counts the stars in each row to see if he earned his commission for each job. (Yes - commission, NOT allowance - it is EARNED) This week he did very well. He earned $2.50 - 50 cents for each row. I am proud of him.

I have found, however, there are a few downsides to chores with a 3-year-old. One, he asks to do his chores about 10 times a day because he "wants more stars." Two, I have to remember to get cash in quarters to give him... and three, I have to take time to give stars when it's bedtime (instead of just getting the kids in bed so I can have some me time). Besides these things, I am happy to report the chores are going well and the commission is being earned in full.

One last thing I just have to add is... Sunday when we went to church, Stone took a tenth of his commission for the offering. I told him that Jesus gets a quarter each week (he earns 10 quarters each week, so a tenth = one quarter - and yes, I did that on purpose). Anyway, all the way to his classroom, he told just about anyone who would listen that the quarter in his hand was for Jesus. It was too sweet.


Happy Bday Daddy!

Daddy was the birthday boy on Sunday. Stone helped me make him a cake and he had the best time decorating it with sprinkles! We got a babysitter and went out for dinner and a little birthday shopping on Sunday night. It was really great to have a night by ourselves to talk over a nice quiet dinner!


Glamour Girl