A First for Us

Stone & Gran (the bow is actually Stahley's)

Yesterday was a first for both of my kids. Both grandmothers are here so went to see Horton Hears a Who in the theater. We haven't tried the theater with Stone yet because has trouble with his ears and loud noises. We didn't know how it would go and were completely prepared to leave, but he really enjoyed it. Before we went, we made a big deal out of ear plugs and he thought they were very cool... so the noise factor wasn't even an issue. Stahley did pretty good, too. It was her naptime so she was somewhat still most of the time. Grandma and I took turns holding her. It was fun and the movie was cute.

Mom, Stahley, & Grandma


A Cookbook Study

After several of you asked me what a Cookbook Study is I reread my previous post and realized in the context it sounds different than what it actually is...
I am chairman of the Cookbook Committee for a Wichita Service League to which I belong and we are doing a study over the next several months about whether a new cookbook would be profitable for our organization with its current financial obligations. That's all. Should we decide to create a new cookbook, you will more than likely hear about the process on this blog. Apparently they take approximately a year and a half to put together!!
Thanks for inquiring:)



Leadership is a funny thing - the more you lead, the more you're asked to lead. Kind of makes me laugh...

I've lived in KS for 10 months now. I've been asked to lead in 3 different groups in which I participate. One of them is a committee chair, one is a group leader, and one is the director of the whole organization. Interesting that they all come at the same time...

On one hand, I'd like to believe it's my superior God-given skills that make these people think I will be a great leader in each of these capacities. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure 67% of it is I'm "fresh meat" and I haven't been worn out in these areas yet like the rest of each group!! I do believe in one instance God has specifically directed someone to ask me to lead - that would be in the director position - because I know this girl well and I'm sure she (and others) have bathed it in prayer. In the other areas, God is teaching me and growing me in ways I never thought He would... whether I like it or not!

So for now, I remain in limbo about the director position because I haven't heard from Him on it yet. As for the others, I have already obligated myself to them (not knowing the director position would come). One is large and one is small, but they are both work. I do like to be busy, though, so for now I'm leading a Bible Study and a Cookbook Study... one day I'll let you all know how they turn out:)


A Weddin' :(

My new favorite tv show is "My Big Redneck Wedding." Ok, so I guess coining it my favorite is a little over the top, but it's hilarious. Here's a quick recap of last night's episode on CMT:

1. they met (6 or 7 or 8 years ago - they couldn't remember) and he proposed to her during a hog hunting adventure
2. the "happy" couple met the ranch manager and let him know the wedding would be in the pasture and the reception would include mattress surfing and mud wrestling
3. they went to the "Farm and Pet Supply" store to pick out the groom's jacket
4. the couple went over the to do list as they made the reception favors out of tiny clay pots and deer corn
5. the bride's (disgusted) sister tried to "girly" her up and took her to a very nice spa for a full spa treatment. the bride simply could not resist belching for all the attendants while getting her pedicure... sister was not happy. spa attendants were unimpressed by wedding plans!
6. meanwhile, the groom and best man worked out the details of the mattress surfing - tying a mattress behind a 4-wheeler and pulling each other around said pasture.
7. fast forward to the wedding day - where there stands a sign at the entrance to "The Back Forty" which reads: "Kevin and Christy's Weddin' :(" There really was a sad face drawn on it!
8. guests are dressed in cutt-offs and camo and are sitting on a number of things - hay bails, lawn chairs, and truck beds backed up to the site.
9. the groomsmen and bridesmaids roll down the aisle on 4-wheelers
10. the bride follows in on horseback - and oh, the dismount in a wedding dress...
11. the vows were interesting and included, "Christy, do you take Kevin, in spite of his hog hunting, to be your lawfully wedded husband; and will you love him and his dogs as long as you both shall live?"
12. at the end of the ceremony, the preacher rode out on a 4-wheeler.
13. the reception topped it all off - the first one to mattress surf was the groom - and he was driven around and thrown off the mattress by none other than his bride. again, the dismount in a wedding dress...
14. and on to the mud wrestling in a blow up kiddie pool - where the bride went first - in her dress!!!
15. the bride and groom exchange gifts - he got her snake boots in which to hunt hogs... and he told her, "them look gooder than an a new set of mud tires."
16. and my favorite moment - the groom says, "let's go home and constipate this marriage!"

if you haven't seen it, watch it!! (in case you can't wait - you can see it on cmt.com)