Your Vote Counts!

This Christmas our family launched the Annual Gingerbread House Making Contest. There were four teams of 2 and each team had to create a gingerbread house with (approximately 90%) edible components. The teams included (in no particular order) Stone, mommy, daddy, Gran, Grandaddy, Uncle Troy, Uncle Bob, & Aunt Charlotte. The only required piece was a mailbox. We did it on Christmas Day, but we had no unbiased judge... hence this post. Please vote for your favorite. You may only vote once and no anonymous vote will count! I will post the winner a week from today on Friday, January 4th.

Entry #1 - The Bungalow
complete with pretzel fence and gumdrop mailbox.

Entry #2 - Country Living
complete with hunters, gingerbread snow angels, and hershey mailbox

Entry #3 - The Church
complete with cross steeple and birdhouse mailbox

Entry #4 - The Duckblind
complete with boat, mojo, and airmail box



Dessert is a rare thing at the Sears' house. Can you tell?



For us southern folks, this is a first...


La vs Ks

La: high is 82
Ks: high is 30

La: coat closet held our china
Ks: coat closet actually holds coats (& scarves & gloves & hats)

La: carport nice
Ks: enclosed garage necessary

La: runny noses due to allergies
Ks: pneumonia due to under dressing in inclement weather!

La: don't run errands with 2 kids because you don't want to tote them in
Ks: don't run errands with 2 kids because you don't want anyone to get sick AGAIN...



Stone is "Star of the Week" at school this week. He got to bring home the class mascot and will be presenting show & tell both days this week. He took Lightning McQueen to school for show and tell. I tried to encourage something different, but Lightning won.

Stahley is quickly figuring out how to unwrap the gifts under the tree. She often runs from me like it is a game when I catch her! I may have to move the presents - we'll see how long I can keep her from them without losing my patience. It may just be until she gets one open...