My One Year Old

always a pose for the camera...

Stone's gift for his sister - he picked it out all on his own - and she knew just what to do!

grandparents' gifts are endless!
where's the rest of my cake?


Sooner rather than Later...

My real estate agent, Marie, called me last week and said the builder set up the signing date for May 25th!! I'm very excited - and pleasantly surprised! Wow - I never guessed a contractor would be done sooner rather than later. I guess that's my experience in the commercial building realm. Anyway, we're excited. I don't know whether I'll be there with the kids at the signing or not - trying to work all that out. That is the Friday before Memorial Day, so we won't have our furniture (or anything) until the following Tuesday at least. So, we'll see...

Stahley's first bday party with family was fun. She proved to be a much messier eater than her brother! She's walking around everywhere. Stone picked out a baby doll and stroller to give her from him and she pushes that thing all over the house! It's such a fun age.