How do you fire a volunteer? It seems like an impossibility - the verbage itself sounds silly...firing a volunteer. Anyway, how do you handle that?

I'm the president of the Shreveport Branch of our Engineering group this year. (that may sound big, but it's not!) Anyway, we have 5 officers and one of the officers just isn't cutting it. Our newest addition to the officer group each year is the Secretary. Each year after that, we move up a position - so it ends up being a 5 year committment. The only two jobs the secretary has are:

1. take up money at the meetings and keep a record of who paid
2. send out a monthly newsletter to all the members of our Shreveport Branch

So, the secretary this year has a really hard time with the newsletter...mind you, it's a simple word document on 11x17 paper. All he has to do is make sure the ads are in there (the same ones all year!), insert a few pictures, insert a few columns other people write, and maybe add an article from our national website. That's it - take it to the printer downtown to copy, fold and distribute for him...and he can't do it!!! It is just awful. I got an email just this week from a sponsor whose ad (they paid for) didn't show up in there this month...

I'm not sure what the problem is - I don't know if he hasn't lived in the US long enough, if he just doesn't have ample time to do it (30 minutes or so), if he doesn't understand microsoft word, if he doesn't know where to get pictures from, etc. I just can't figure it out. I've offered help numerous time and even offered to have him come to my office and sit at my computer with me and do one together so he can have an example, but he doesn't seem to have time to devote to that.

So, i'm forced to think I'm going to have to fire him. Our secretary moves up a position into the Treasurer spot the second year - and I can't imagine what will happen to our funds if he can't even run Word or keep an accurate record of who pays at the meetings...

So, any thoughts on how to "let him go?"


I don't understand

My heart hurts today. Literally – it hurts for my friend Jerry Hardel and his three children, ages 9, 7, & 3. You see, they lost their wife and mother last night to an illness she has fought for 3 years. It was discovered she had leukemia when she was in labor with their third child 3 or so years ago. Since then, the family has been through a lot, but always clung to the Lord for guidance and support. What a precious family.

Losing a friend has brought forth a host of emotions for me…hurt – for those precious children who won’t see their mom again on this earth…anxiety – that not even my next day is certain…sadness – for Jerry who has to try and explain this to his children…questions – why God would take her home at this time in her and her family’s lives…

I know that the Lord “…works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) and I’m certain that He will grow this precious family in Him as He guides them through this terribly trying time. Today, it’s just hard to see that things will work out. It’s in these times I must cling to the words: “’I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord, “‘Plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you a hope and a future.’“ (Jeremiah 29:11)

So, please pray for my friend Jerry and his two daughters and son. They will need the Lord’s guidance always, but especially in the coming days.


Greer baby

For those of you who remember Trey & Stephanie Greer...check out their blog. I've linked it in the column to the right. They had a precious little girl last week!


3 months to go...and counting!

So, Shan - here's your picture! I'm 6 months pregnant and have WAY TOO LONG to go! This is about the last time I would dare take a picture of myself until I've lost the baby weight, so here it is.

I'm not one of those pretty pregnant people - you know, the kind that only get a little belly in front...and that's okay. It's just the way my body is made. I get pregnant everywhere - my arms, my face, my belly, my thighs...it's everywhere! So, that just means I have to work extra hard to get the weight off...and I will...believe me, I will run like the wind as soon as my doctor says I can. Last time, I am proud to say I lost 4 pounds more than what I gained, so I know I can do it...I just have to commit myself to it!

As for now, I'll just keep eating when I'm hungry and loving it. After all, it's the only time I'll have a good excuse - and who knows...it may be my last time for a good excuse!


Play Days

Man, i miss play days. All we had to worry about was what to play next. What a life - if we had just listened to our parents when they told us we had it good!

This is last week when Grandma (Chet's mom) was with Stone. She always takes pictures of Stone for me since I am behind the times and won't spend money on a digital camera. Anyway, this is one she took and I think it turned out good. His favorite toys are his train-set he got from his Great-Grandma (Chet's Grandmother) and his drumset he got from his Gran (my mom) for Christmas. You gotta love the toys they get from their grandparents...notice the tape over the speaker on the drumset. The lowest volume on that thing is what I would call VERY LOUD!! So, Chet remedied the volume with a little tape.

Even though he doesn't understand, we have begun telling him he'll have a little sister (or brother) in May. We ask him where his little sister is and he points to my stomach. It's adorable! He'll understand what we're talking about soon enough!