The church we attend here is not the same demonination from which we came, so some things are different. Doctrine and theology are the same, as we would not stray from what we believe to be principal foundation, but some things we were "used to" are noticeably different.

One thing that stands out to us is less frequent baptism. This church doesn't baptize each week, but baptizes several like once each month. Then, once a year there is a celebration baptism where many people are baptized. This happened to be today.

Stone is now going to "big church" with us. His age class does the same lesson, craft, etc. each hour, so he is pretty bored in the second hour if he stays in "extended session." So, we've been taking him to the service with us for several months now. This morning's service was a little different as it was "Celebrate Baptism" Sunday as well as the church's 50th anniversary celebration.

Fastforward to tonight around 8:30pm. This is what I hear from the bathtub:

Stone: "Stahley, what do you believe about Jesus?"
Stone (in a whisper): "Stahley, say, 'I believe Jesus is the Son of God.'"
Stahley: "Jesus is Son of God."
Stone (in a whisper): "... and He died for our sins."
Stahley: "huh?"
Stone: "nevermind, just hold your nose."

Water is splashed a lot. Stahley begins coughing... then laughter erupts from both of them.

Stahley: "your turn!"
Stone: "Oh, I'm way too heavy for you, Stahley!"


Tara Smith said...

That is SO Precious!!!! Aren't you glad you were eavesdropping on that conversation!

Megan said...

that just made me laugh out loud! whether he knows it or not he learned some good, foundational truth today :)

"Grandma" said...

It reminds me of when Angie "baptized" Chet in our bathtub when we lived in Japan. They were about the same ages, too. (That must be why I get so nervous about kids in bathtubs.)

mimiburroughs said...

How precious!! Wouldn't it have been great to capture that in a photo?!! But I know you'll remember it in your heart forever!! Thanks for sharing and have a great week!!

angie said...

i love it! :) ps. i have no recollection of baptizing chet. ha!

Anonymous said...

Those kids are too funny! Can't wait to see ya'll in June!

-Uncle T

Anonymous said...

Priceless - be sure to write that one down in his book, and hers. They will enjoy it when they are older.
Love to all,

Elizabeth said...

That is too sweet!

kim said...

Oh Ashley! How sweet! Wow, Stone was paying close attention. I know you are so proud of your precious children. We miss y'all. It looks like you are having a lot of fun. Sometimes Philip ask me when we can go to Stone's house. Hopefully we will see the Sears family again soon. Take care.