A Little Update

Last week, someone reminded me I have a blog... so I figured I would update it since the last entry is from 2010... just in case anyone still checks it.

Stone is 8 and played tackle football for the first time this past fall. He was #8 and this is him with his friend, Caleb. He loved it... most of the time!

Stahley is 6 and in first grade this year. She has a super sweet heart and loves to serve others. She is lots of fun!

Sabrina is 3 and hangs out with me most of the time... although she loves going to dance class. She's a real comedian and is driven, too. That girl knows what she wants!


A Six-year Old!


She's One!


Kindergarten Days

Last Day of Kindergarten - May 2010

First Day of Kindergarten - August 2009


May 2010

swinging on his own!

swinging at the playground

flowers from daddy for her birthday!!


A Day at the Park

It was a normal day at the park...

Dad wanted a few pictures, so we obliged:

But then she just HAD to kiss me...

...and apparently, she thought it was hilarious!
oh, man... sisters!


Not a favorite?

I'm guessing by this face that broccoli is not going to be a favorite of Sabrina's...


The Note

So I found this note last night on the counter. I never mentioned a Christmas list, so he's picked up on that somewhere - probably one of the millions of holiday cartoons where the characters are making lists... I think it's hilarious he felt the need to write Noel at the bottom of it... I guess that's a little extra for the holiday spirit?

When Stone saw me with it, he explained he doesn't need a Wii since we already have one, but he wants a Nintendo. He didn't know how to spell Nintendo so he just wrote Wii because he knew they were related. I told him I have one downstairs he can play that I got when I was in the 5th grade. He was thrilled!! I can't wait to get it hooked up and see if it actually still works:)