Some Highlights

we have arrived!

helping with the unpacking

more helping with the unpacking

the first ponytail

at the neighborhood playground

her favorite place at the neighborhood playground

the fishing i see in the evenings from our deck


My 3-year old


He was 3 on Monday, although he thought he was already 3 since we had his party in La before we left. Either way, it's official now. I have a 3 year old and he is a joy!

His party was the Cars theme. He loves that movie and watches it as much as I'll let him. I try to limit it to once every 3 days or so, but sometimes I give in. Anyway, the cake was made by my friend Christine Griffith. She's the best cake maker in the Sport regional area, I think. Stone has a hilarious fascination with traffic cones, so I figured why not - it goes with the theme! Once again, Christine amazed us with her talent...


Since the last post, I've...

  • hosted a three-year old birthday party for 40 or so guests at my parents' home
  • packed randomly assorted things like socks in boxes with cleaning supplies, craft items, & pictures
  • driven through 2 states to get to my new "home state" with a 1 & 3 year old (with the much appreciated help of my mom)
  • watched movers unpack crates of boxes and move them through my muddy yard into my front door and down to the basement all while getting very few scratches on the paint
  • unpacked NUMEROUS boxes of randomly assorted things packed by others - for instance a sewing machine with Christmas decor and an Easter egg
  • lived 12 days without cable tv or internet (which, I must say, was easier than I expected)
  • unpacked things I never knew we owned
  • separated the "immediately necessary" items from the "can wait to be unpacked" items
  • re-packed the "can wait to be unpacked" items
  • taped paper over our windows for privacy until our blinds are installed " in 3 to 4 weeks"
  • said a tearful goodbye to my mom at the airport after 10 days of her wonderful help
  • visited a new church by myself (due to storms on saturday night with kids in & out of our bed)
  • enrolled my son in VBS at a church down the street & took him today
Now, I am finally in communication with the rest of the world - pictures will follow soon.