A Special Friend

We had a special friend come visit last weekend...

He came bearing gifts & the kids loved them...

He played games...

... and even held the baby a lot:)

It was tons of fun to have him here! Thanks for your visit, Uncle Beef!


A Good Book

Having been reminded by a friendly blogger (see Amy in my links to the right) about eating right and exercise being a part of our responsibilities as Christians - I decided to pick up one of my favorite and most convicting books (in the eating category) and re-read it. I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone. Dr. Sears does a wonderful job of outlining how to teach your children to eat right and make healthy choices. I'm not saying I'm a pro at eating healthy by any means, but I have picked up some great tips that are working with my kids... and if you don't have children, it's still a great read about how what you eat affects your health from when you're born to the end of your earthly life. It will definitely make you think twice about the things you purchase in your next trip to the grocery store!!