Monday it was 71 degrees. Today it is 21 degrees. Here is what we woke up to:

It kind of makes me laugh that the weather is so crazy. I always longed for real seasons in La, but here some days I long for no seasons:) We definitely get the seasons in Ks. Most days I truly enjoy it. The days that are not so fun are those days I have to get out with my kids in it. If we can stay in and watch it or play in it for a bit before nap time it's fun...

In other Sears news, we traveled to La two weekends ago for Don Echols' wedding. It was a long trip for a few short days, but we wouldn't have missed it! Don's bride Kelly is precious. We love her and are excited for them as they begin married life together. We helped decorate for the rehearsal dinner and Stone took pictures for us. He's quite the up and coming photographer:

Lastly, I am continually reminded that my God is faithful. He has given me so many precious friends in such a short time. Since August, I have gotten involved in a Ladies' Bible Study, Mothers of Preschoolers, a Couple's Small Group, and a few more things. In each area He has provided the kind of Godly friends a child of His needs for encouragement and building up. In only 8 months, Ks has become home for us. He is awesome...

play group



This is my child at mealtime.

Will she ever eat like a lady?



And the Winner Is...

by Gran & Stone

The places were:

In first: Country Living - Gran & Stone - with 16 votes
In second: The Church - Uncle Bob & Uncle Troy - with 11 votes
In third: The Bungalow - Ashley & Aunt Charlotte - with 9 votes
In fourth: The Duck Blind - Chet & Grandaddy - with 4 votes

Thank you all for voting!