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Month One

Month Five

Month Eight

So, my sister-in-law Angie has inspired me to take pictures of Stahley on each of her month birthdays. She did it for Davis until he was 24 months and now she's doing it with Lane. I must say I'm totally impressed with her ability to remember to take the picture first of all, and then actually get it! At about month three, Stahley's month birthday picture turned into her month and a half birthday picture since I can't even remember to do it on the correct day! So, hers aren't quite to the day, but you could say"in the eighth month." Anyway, Angie has this cute way of spelling it out with blocks. I just grab the first number I can find... although in month five and eight, Stahley grabbed the number!



So why am I stressing over this? I guess it's because my first child will actually be enrolled in school next year. It's amazing how time flies...

Stone will be in 3-year old preschool next year. I am stressing over where to send him and for how many days. There are too many options. Everyone says St. Pauls is the best, so if it's the best of course that's where I want him to go. But then there's the "spend the night at the church in line to get a spot" rumor. Is it true and if so, do I really need to spend the night up there? Surely there are other preschools where he can get the same (or at least close to the same) education...

So, the next question is for how many days? 2, 3, or 5 days a week? I have a few friends who I trust that have studied childhood education (something I know nothing about!) who say he's far advanced for his age and he needs to be challenged - that I should send him for 5 days a week... but, he's only 3!!! (well, he will be in June) He has plenty of years to spend in school behind a desk - especially if he takes the 8-year college plan like his mom (but then I really didn't spend all 8 years behind a desk, I guess). Anyway, you get the point... so, I guess 3 days is ideal for me - but if three days a week fills up before I get to the front of the "spend the night in a sleeping bag" line, then am I depriving him of knowledge, brain stimulation, and success if I only do two days or should I do all 5? I guess, after all, that it's only from 9-12, so it's not like he's there from 8-3. Oh the drama going on in my head these days...

Any of you teachers or mothers of older children have advice or suggestions? I am all ears!