A Super Fun Birthday

I had the best birthday this weekend! I totally have to give my sweet hubby brownie points for a birthday beyond my imagination!

First, I got breakfast in bed. (Actually, he does this every morning before he leaves for work because it helps with morning sickness... if I eat before I get up my stomach seems to do better.) Then, around 9:30am he took us to The Copper Oven for a second breakfast (for me - first for them) and it was awesome!

When we got in the car after breakfast out, he said, "Road Trip!" I could not imagine where we were going, but he drove us about 45 minutes northwest to a small town people like to call "Hutch." We toured the cosmosphere there and saw and I-max film. It was lots of fun and the kids really enjoyed it too. He totally thought this one through because he knew we should go somewhere the kids would be happy and attentive so I didn't have to constantly discipline my second-born on my birthday!

On the ride home around 4pm he told me I had to be ready to leave the house at 6pm because that's when the babysitter would be there!! WOW - a fun family birthday and a night out with my husband too!! So, the babysitter came and we went to Granite City for dinner where I ate the Honey Rosemary Tenderloin and Foccacia Salad. It was AWESOME! Then, we went and saw Quantam of Solace...

What a birthday! For a man who doesn't particularly enjoy planning and executing surprises, he did fantastic. Thank you, honey, for an unforgettable day!



For those of you who have asked... baby #3 is due early June, 2009. I don't have a doctor appt until Dec, so after that I will have more details! Thanks for all the congrats:)