Pink is a shock considering all of the boy stuff that we've dealt with for the last two years. Stahley wears it well, though. Here she is relaxing after a bath earlier this week.

Stone's 2nd birthday is coming up soon. He is a super brutal dominator and is already showing signs that he will be much smarter than his dad. We are currently working on state identification with a puzzle that he likes to play with. When he is concentrating, he can identify Texas, Washington, Oregon, California, Louisiana, Florida, Alaska and Tennessee. He pronounces Louisiana, "We-see Anna" as if it were two separate words. He also calls Tennessee "guitar" because there is a picture of a guitar on the state. Here is a picture of Stone goofing off at the dinner table.



More Pics for you blog nazis:

Stahley's first recorded smile: (she was two days old when I took this picture)

This is a picture of Stahley at her first trip to the doctor's office:


It has been a little over a week now. Stahley is doing fine other than she sleeps all day and is awake all night. She could be considered a "midnight yoker" since she is awake during Broughton's chief operating hours and sleeps when the sun is up. Ashley is doing fine. Both Ashley and Stahley are going to see their doctors today. Ashley has been dying to get out of the house so I am sure she welcomes the opportunity even if it is to go to the doctor.

Here's another picture of Stone and Stahley. Stone has become quite the helper around the house. His responsibilities are to throw away all diapers and to put the empty bottles in the sink. He is a champion of his chores so far and they will continue to increase as the years pass.



Stahley Madeline Sears

Stahley is doing great. She is eating like a champ and sleeping well and often. Ashley is recovering well. Here are a few pics for your enjoyment:

Her eyelashes are very very long.

Stone welcomed her home with joy.

Hanging out in her fancy going home clothes waiting to be released from the hospital.

Stone checking to make sure his baby sister is okay.

Stahley practicing the martial arts.