My Husband Is Awesome!!

Okay, now that I have your attention, I must let it be known that Chet is actually writing this blog. My wife is with child which means I have to pick up a few more tasks and I guess this update falls in that category.
Christmas was awesome. We spent time in Shreveport and Calcasieu.

The new year is going well. It has been pretty cold in Kansas this winter but we are getting by just fine. I would say that we can't wait for spring to get here but I'd rather have 10 degree weather than hail storms every other day.

Consider yourselves updated on the goings on in the Sears household. Hey, I'm a guy so be glad you got this much detail.

Here are some pics:

Keep it real. Oh, and here's a little blog comment fodder: Our third child will be raised with cloth diapers.

Think we're crazy? check out bumgenius.com

And if you think we are doing this for the environment, you forgot who Ashley married.


Elizabeth said...

Go Chet!!!!!

I have several friends that are using cloth diapers and LOVE them!!!

Michael, Meg & Naomi said...

"keep it real"?!?! Really, you think that's still a cool saying. You did do a good job! I'm impressed you took the time and even added pics!