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Elizabeth - you sure are demanding!



Well, our house sold the first day!! It is a blessing, for sure. God has truly seen us through this whole process with ease and I pray that He will continue to guide us...

Since I've been asked (ahem, Elizabeth) to update my blog more regularly with the moving news, I'll try to post more frequently! We are headed to Kansas to look for a house (and hopefully purchase one) this coming Sunday. My beloved starts work there on Monday and I will be with him for the first week - looking at houses and checking out where to get my hair done during the day - and then he'll see the few I've narrowed it down to in the evening. We will be back on Friday for his going away party with the office here and then he'll head back up there the next Sunday.

The movers pack and load our belongings the next week and we're out! The kids and I will be moving in with my parents until we are able to close on a home in Kansas. Hopefully, it won't be too long...

So, that's the update. I'll let you know what we find in wheat country!


You know you're hooked when...

... you order a "Grande Decaf Skinny Cinammon Dolche Latte with one Splenda." Yes, I found my self saying those words very recently. Never before had I ordered coffee with the "appropriate" language, but somehow, it just came out. At that very moment in time, as I stood glaring at the menu just above my head, I knew I would no longer be a casual coffee drinker. It was certain - I was now a member of the latte society.



Well, the process has begun. If I'm not talking to a relocation agent, it's a real estate agent or a moving agent or a mortgage agent... they're all agents. Some of them are VERY helpful... and some are not so much...

You know how when you tell people you're pregnant they tell you their horrible birthing stories? Well, when you tell people you're moving, they tell you all about the things they had lost, stolen, or broken! It's a little disturbing. I told Chet he would have to pull a U-Haul behind us full of everything we can move and the movers will be carrying only the heavy things we can't pick up ourselves! We'll just have to see how it goes, I guess. The lady from the moving company is coming to "inventory" our belongings tomorrow. That should be interesting... and probably a little convicting - I mean about how much unnecessary "stuff" I have... anyway, the house goes on the market on Monday. If you know anyone who might want one in our area, let them know! We have a fantastic real estate agent who will show it to them, gladly! This weekend will be spent painting, fixing cracks, cleaning out flowerbeds, etc. I can't imagine how I'll get everything done before then, but it will happen one way or another. Amazing how many things you just learn to live with - but you know no one else will want... like chips out of paint and weeds and such.