The Y Update

So I went on Monday and did the Exerball Class. If any of you haven't exercised with the Exerball, you MUST try it. I always thought I was coordinated until Monday. I'm sure I was the comic relief of the class... trying to stay on that thing and do leg lifts and push ups and such. Glad I was in the back... although there was a large mirror for everyone to see my sloppy attempts at this form of exercise. I must say it was probably similar to my experience with Meg and the Kick boxing tape we tried in college. Meg was laughing so hard at me she could NOT do anything herself. Needless to say, the Kick boxing experience lasted only about 10 minutes - never to be attempted again.

Tuesday - my back and arms were hurting so bad I could hardly get out of bed for Bible study. I daresay if I wasn't a group leader, I may not have shown up... The gym was far from my mind!

Wednesday - I ran on the treadmill. It was great - I felt like the old me again until...

Thursday. I must use the same back muscles for posture as I run... my back hurt so bad I didn't get out of bed until it was too late for MAPS. Which was just as well since my second child had a horrible cough and runny nose. I'm sure everyone with kids in her class was glad I kept her home.

Friday - we didn't even attempt to go since child #2 was even worse. Instead I made a doctor's appointment so the doctor could tell me what I already knew - she had a mild ear infection and major sinus drainage which caused the cough. Not to downplay the seriousness of the medical profession - Lord knows if I had to be a doctor we'd all be in trouble! I just knew because we've been there many times before with her.

Maybe next week will be better at the Y. We'll start again on Monday:)

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