Yay - We got a new computer! We also went wireless and it's SO nice. We're probably the last people we know to go wireless... but we love it. Now we're addicted to our computers. It's fun to be in the den typing away - or in my bed in the evening checking my email. I sure don't understand the technology but I love using it:)

We haven't been up to much except the usual and a fun visit from a new sweet friend, so I'll leave you with pics... Sidewalk chalk rules!

Lots of candy filled eggs!!

Egg hunting with friends is so much fun

Meg is now prepared for 3 after being here for a few days. She had lots of practice whether she wanted it or not!!

Sweet yawning Naomi - we sure had fun holding her!

Pictures of our girl at the dinner table are always amusing... this face reminds me of someone from my childhood. And yes, the plate is turned upside down if you're wondering.

What's up bro?


Rebekah said...

Cute Pics...is Stahley making the Bad MOOOOD face? That so reminds me of Liz! How are you? Please, please call me next time you visit. Love ya

shandra said...

wow! i'm impressed meg went on a road trip already!!
that last pic of stahley was too cute!

ashley said...

yes - bekah, you get the prize for the first correct guess!! it IS the bad mood face:)

Tara Smith said...

Great pics! I am so glad you got a new computer. Stahley looks just like Chet in that last picture!

Michelle said...

we are not wireless yet -- we do have 4 computers though. seems excessive..but it's true.

oh, elliot wanted to me tell you to tell the oakhill ram hi. :)

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe I did not get any credit for my bad mood face. Clara makes the same face. It is funny.
Clara is addicted to sidewalk chalk!!!.
Cute family picture!!

Mikefam said...

Eventually, we all have to update to get up with the times. We have wireless, but the laptop is in Afghanistan, so that does us little good right now. BTW, I think we are the only ones on my side of the fam that have wireless. I have sibs without internet at all. So, your not that behind.