So, my parents have dial up... that's why there hasn't been any updating until now. So, here's a quick overview of my life these days (without pictures of course - due to the before-mentioned absence of high-speed):

1. Living at my parents - staying in the same room with my daughter, who at one year of age, has decided not to sleep through the night anymore. NOT good for me. I was hoping sleep deprevation would go away after the child was 3 months old. Apparently, I haven't learned the lesson the Lord is trying to teach me through this. Lord, please hurry - I'm tired!

1. (con't) Chet has come in a few weekends. It's been GREAT to have him here even if we do have to sleep in a double bed (of which my precious man takes up the whole thing) in the same room with our no-need-for-sleep daughter. We may be walking around like zombies but we are together!!

2. My daughter will be one on Thursday. Wow - this Thursday... that means it's been a whole year and I STILL have baby weight to lose. Was it harder with the second child for everyone?

3. Our new home will be complete no later than June 4. That's the contract date, so I'm not holding my breath that it will be any sooner - however, our real estate agent has been by there several times and she says it's coming along great. The cabinets, molding, and painting are done... and Chet went last week to finish picking out appliances and light fixtures. I'm anxious to see what it all will look like!

4. My son will be 3 in June. We decided to have his party here before we go... so that means I'm planning two bday parties in the next three weeks. One with girly stuff which is more fun that I (who is not so girly) thought it would ever be... and one with Lightning, Mater, Sally, and the whole Cars bunch. It should be a big blowout with a spacewalk from Duvall's Amusement. My poor parents - they didn't really ask for all this excitement at their house!!

5. The last few days has been a chore cleaning out my parents' garage with a good bit of my grandparents' things. Garage sale will be May 12th. Hopefully it will all go - if not, I'm taking it to the Rescue Mission. NOT keeping any of it!!

Well, this is just a peek into our lives for the last few weeks. Hope you are all enlightened! Maybe I'll be able to persuade someone (Troy) to let me use his high speed internet and post some pictures after the aforementioned upcoming events.


Megan said...

So I guess this means your house sale went smoothly?

Shandra said...

so i'm a little upset w/ #2. i was hoping to lose this weight quickly this time. i figured i'd never have time to eat w/ 2 kiddos. guess that's not true.

Elizabeth said...

Shandra- don't listen to Ashley- she looks great. You would not know she still has baby weight.

jennifer kracht said...

My baby is 1 today too! I hear you on that baby weight thing, and I only have 1! Oh well. He is such a blessing. He is worth it! =)

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Stahley!!

You too, Benjamin!