it's time

Well, I've been reading my friends' blogs for about 3 weeks now so I decided it's time for me to create my own. I have no idea how all this works, but I'm hoping I will be able to conquer this new technology known as a blog. I find that the older I get, the more I am inclined to let others do things for me...such as keep up with advancing technology. Since my husband enjoys this sort of thing, I've slowed the pace for myself quite a bit. I know this isn't good practice...but I do learn enough to do my job well!

Well, I'm in my 20th week of pregnancy with our second child. It's funny how the second time around you're not nearly as in tune with what's happening. When people ask me how far along I am, sometimes I have to stop and count before I can give an answer. Last time I think I knew to the hour. Anyway, I guess since I've done this before, it just isn't such a big deal - I mean, we're excited about having number two, but the pregnancy part isn't as...unknown, I guess.

Our son, Stone, is 18 months old and is lots of fun. His favorite thing to do is play in the dirt. Boys are definitely an adventure, but I'm sure girls have their share of fun, too. Stone is tons of fun and I don't know what we did with our time before we had him!

I guess that's all I'll write for now. I really just want to make sure I'm doing this whole blog thing right. It'll be amazing if I actually get this published on the page!!


Jessica said...

look at you, ash! you even have links entered. it took me at least a week to figure out where to put them. i'm so glad you have one now, too!

Megan said...

glad you started a blog! stone is so precious. i know you are excited about #2!

Shandra said...

I'm SO excited b/c now we can keep up with you!! We need belly pics once you start showing!! :) Stone is too cute!!!