A Little Update

Last week, someone reminded me I have a blog... so I figured I would update it since the last entry is from 2010... just in case anyone still checks it.

Stone is 8 and played tackle football for the first time this past fall. He was #8 and this is him with his friend, Caleb. He loved it... most of the time!

Stahley is 6 and in first grade this year. She has a super sweet heart and loves to serve others. She is lots of fun!

Sabrina is 3 and hangs out with me most of the time... although she loves going to dance class. She's a real comedian and is driven, too. That girl knows what she wants!


Christy Gadman said...

Yay for updates! Your kids are adorable!

Екатерина Цабаева said...

very lovely girl