The First Day of Kindergarten!

all ready to go
waiting to go in
headed into the building

found the classroom

chose a seat - time for mom and dad to go

anxiously awaiting stone's bus

getting home

she missed him this morning!


troy said...

That's so much FUN!!! He's grown a foot since June, I swear. Tell them I love them!

angie said...

so fun to be a part of his first day thru the pictures! thanks for sharing!! we are so proud of him! hope it was a great day. we will be thinking about sweet stahley in this big transition, too. :)

Grumpy Pants said...

They've both gotten so big! He's such a big boy. Wow, I would have balled.

Shandra said...

aww...he looks so tall!! Looks like he had a fun day!!
You look great, Ash. We love our Bjorn!!

Tara Smith said...

How sweet! I can't believe he is in school!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a great day, Stone. I'm going to call you so you can tell me all about it!! You look so-o tall!!
I love you, Gran

Grandma said...

I love looking at these pictures! Thanks for putting them up. A very special day for you all! I'm glad Chet got to go, too. Stone's taking such a long stride in the one picture, going in, and Stahley looks about 20 in her picture on the step. I see more every time I look at them - which is often.
Love you all!

Elizabeth said...

How sweet. stone is so big and that is the cutest picture ever of Stahley sitting on the step.

Veronica said...

Oh Wow! I remember taking mine to kindergarten! It's so great you got such wonderful pictures. Stone is such a little man, and the picture of Stahley on your front steps is just too cute. Do you still have time to scrapbook?

Mandy said...

How exciting! I can't believe you guys have a kindergartener, Ash! It's going to be a fun year!