Stahley is 3!!

We had Stahley's party today at the zoo. She loved it! The kids colored, ate cupcakes, worked puzzles, and played "frog toss" with some bean bag frogs. They also had a story about frogs and got to see some real ones of different types. It was a success!!
(yes, mom - she has on jeans... but it was too cold for the cute hot pink shorts that went with the shirt:)

yummy cupcakes

checking out real frogs!

singing froggy songs

the birthday girl and daddy

fun party friends!


Stacy said...

she is too cute! love the pic in her birthday girl t-shirt. the jeans are great also even if it was the back-up plan.

mimiburroughs said...

I can't believe she's 3!!!!!!!!!!!

What a cutie!! Happy Birthday Stahley!

angie said...

i am glad she had a fun party! i am loving seeing pictures of the cutest nephew and niece ever! :)

grandma said...

Love the pictures!! It's hard to believe she's 3 already. Looks like it was a very fun time!

Megan said...

so fun! she is a doll! & you look GREAT with your cute belly!

Tara Smith said...

Wow! I can't belive she is 3!!!! She is precious!

Elizabeth said...

Adorable shirt and of course adorable girl. Can't believe our girls are three(well almost for Clara).