My fall days are full of...

stain remover:
hide & seek:
decoys in the living room:


pampers boxes & more hide and seek:

over-flowing laundry baskets:

and clean kids ready for bed:

and I wouldn't change it for the world!!!


mimiburroughs said...

You are so blessed...don't ever forget that!! Thanks for sharing a little of your day!! What cute kids you have!!!

Love y'all...jackie

jill said...

Funny post! Is that paint on the shirt in the first picture?

ashley said...

yes jill - paint, food, a little dirt, and anything else you could imagine!!

Elizabeth said...

I am still soaking clothes because I can't ever remember which stain remover you said worked.
Anyway, the joys of motherhood.
Clara loves to play hide and seek. But she also wants to be the one to count and seek.

Jody said...

I can so relate. That is exactly what my house looks like most days. It is awesome being a mom.