I never thought I could be so happy about bushes and a fence!! The bushes look tiny, but they'll grow. For my mom (and anyone else who might care!) - they are "dense spreading yew" in the back & "variegated leaf wiegalia" in the front. I'm sure I butchered the spellings!! I am so glad to have the fence, especially so the kids can play outside without me having to be out there the whole time. We're moving up in the world:)


Shandra said...

it looks nice! matt would appreciate it more as he does our beds. i just don't have a green thumb...and can't handle the heat!
i can't wait until the boys are old enough to play outback w/o me... well, andrew can but obvioulsy blake can't.

Tara Smith said...

They look great! It looks like you have some great help!

angie said...

looks great! i know you are glad to have the fence up. it looks really good, too. i want to visit. we miss you guys.