I've been Tagged!

Angie tagged me. Check out her quirks at http://www.angiesparker.blogspot.com/

6 Quirks About You Rules:
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1. I like Diet Coke but can't stand Coke... and I like Dr. Pepper but can't stand Diet Dr. Pepper.

2. My right foot is 1/2 size larger than my left... consequently my left foot slides around a bit in most of my shoes.

3. I am a perfectionist about certain things... not usually the appearance of my home though I hope maybe one day when my children go to college it may be clean again... but on any given day if you open my wardrobe my shirts are stacked by color and by use. For instance, the whilte t-shirts in one stack, the running shirts in one stack, the colored t-shirts in one stack... also, my pants are hung in the closet by color and use - the nice khaki pants on the left all the way to the black running pants on the right... you get the idea. Now if I could get my husband to understand there is a logic to my madness...

4. My family opens Christmas gifts one person at a time - and I love it that way! I get to see what everyone else gets!

5. I didn't get fever blisters until I was 25 years old. The first one I got came the week I took my engineering intern exam and we bought our first house - all in the same week. Stress, people, it was stress that brought them out for me!

6. My favorite movie of all time is The Scarlet Pimpernel. If you've never seen it - rent it today! (I'm sure it's in the dollar section!)

I am tagging these people:

shandra: http://andrewsmommy.blogspot.com/
jessica: http://abbeylush.blogspot.com/
tara: http://www.treyntarasmith.blogspot.com/


Shandra said...

wow! learned some new things about you that i didn't know!! that was hard trying to think of 6 things! i know i have more but that took me a bit.

Michelle said...

#3 makes me want to go organize my closet. :)

Elizabeth said...

Why didn't you tag me? Ok, your right, I would not have done it. But loved reading yours. My brain is too tired right now to think of 6 anythings.

Stacy said...

i'm with ya on the diet coke. i'm addicted to the stuff but do not like coke at all. however i don't like any form of dr. pepper. ick.