We can handle it!

There must be a sign on our front door that says, "Bring it on - the Sears can handle it!" Last week, Stahley got the chicken pox. This is the calamine before she had the worst ones... then, yesterday morning around 4am, I woke up sick. I threw up until around 10am. I was okay after that besides being so dizzy I couldn't even sit up! Wow - I watched tv all day lying down. NOT my idea of fun.

Tonight, Stone got sick at the dinner table. He was fine 5 minutes later, so I'm thinking he just gagged himself with too much food. He tries to cram so much in his mouth at once. I still don't understand that, but we're working on it. Anyway, time will tell. If he gets sick again, I'll assume he has my virus. If not, it was just the food... or maybe the cook!

Stone's mom & Grant's mom

Andrew's mom & Philip's mom (in the background on the futon)
Maggie's & Olivia's mom

On a more fun (or CRAZY) note, we DID spend the night to get into preschool at St. Pauls. We were fifth on the list. Stone's 5 little friends were 1-4 and 6. Jenifer, Kelly, Kim, Lauren, and I made a night of it, ordered Outback around 6pm, watched movies, and got Starbucks around 9pm. It was an interesting evening, but all in all, we're glad we did it. By 7pm Sunday night (yes, we were there at 1:30pm on Sunday!!) all the 3day a week 3 year old slots were full. Would I do it again? Probably...


Shandra said...

ash...who is that girl in the red. she looks so familiar. did she go to shreve or tech?

Michelle said...

sounds like you had a fun sleep over! glad you got him in where you guys wanted, and so glad stahley is better!!

peter pan said...

If your kid eats this peanut butter,


it won't matter that you got them in the school. Check your peanut butter!

ashley said...

shan -
that is lauren mouser. her sister is shelly mouser. they went to youree and shreve. lauren married scott patton & they have twin girls.

peter pan -
thanks for the warning!

Rebekah said...

Oh Ash, sounds like you've had it rough lately...sounds a lot like the Aillets during the Christmas holidays. Daniel had the chickem pox and it went downhill from there. Someone was sick in our house for 7 weeks straight...good times! Well, I'm praying for y'all, love ya