Howdy Partner

Last night we went trick or treating with our friends, the Stuarts. Thanks to Kelly, Stone had a precious costume. Not being a fan of Halloween, i hadn't really put a lot of thought into a costume, but she helped me deck him out to be a precious cowboy! Tony & Kelly live in a gated community with lots of young families, so it was very kid friendly. We had fun watching Stone figure out how to trick or treat. At first, he thought he was supposed to go in all the houses - but he eventually got the hang of it and we had a good time. I didn't dress Stahley, but she had fun riding in the stroller watching everyone run around her.


Michelle said...

those chaps were so cute!! he was a cute cowboy!

Stacy said...

stone is so cute! i'm guessing that's the same tony stuart that was in my med school class. i forget what specialty he chose. tell him i said hi!

Megan said...

what an awesome cowboy costume! he is such cutie!

ashley said...

stacy -
it is the same tony stuart. i'm not sure what you would call the "specialty" but i think he is an internist. the doctor i use and call my "general doctor" is in with him at W Knighton.

Michael & Meg said...

Oops, i forgot to comment about how cute that little cowboy is!

And I'm impressed you can fit into your high school pep uniform!

I forget how tall Chet is until I see a picture of the 2 of you side by side! He looks great as well!