My Sweet Grandaddy Tatum

This picture is of my grandparents' wedding on January 23, 1950.

Today would have been my sweet grandaddy Tatum's 83rd birthday. We lost him two years ago and I've missed him so much since then. I am very fortunate to have had all my grandparents live into my late 20's, I know, but sometimes it seems unfair because I know more and more what I'm missing now! Anyhow, I'm grateful that the Lord let me have so much time with him.

As I reflect on my precious grandfather and how much he meant to me, I think of several things:
  • his unending unconditional love for my grandmother
  • trips to Disney World
  • his laugh
  • watching Wylie Coyote on Saturday mornings
  • steak and potato lunches every Sunday
  • his place at the head of their dinner table
  • annual summer trips to Pickwick, TN
  • his handwritten birthday cards
  • his comforting hugs
  • "pretty is as pretty does"
  • his conducting the orchestra on the radio instead of keeping two hands on the wheel!

Most of all, though, I remember that he never missed a Sunday at church. He was there every time the doors were open - not because he felt he had to be, but because he worshipped with fellow believers whenever the opportunity was presented. I used to be so excited when he was the deacon to say the offertory prayer or the benediction. I would smile proudly as if everyone in the room knew he was MY grandad and as if they wanted him to be their's!

Those days are over now, and I miss him to this day, but I don't ever regret the time I had with him for any reason. His wise words still resound so often in my head.

Thank you, Lord, for grandparents.


Jessica said...

ash, your grandparents have always been so precious. i understand completely what you mean, as i, too, have been so blessed to have known mine for so long.

i love the picture of the two of them together at the end of your post. not much has changed...

Shandra said...

I wish I could have known my grandparents better. They all lived in Wisconsin and we only saw them about once or twice a year. I never got to build a great bonding relationship with them. I have one grandfather living (out lived 2 wives) and he just turned 93. We hope this summer we are able to go see him. So you are very fortunate to have been able to be so close to them.

Carrie White Owen said...

Ashley--too sweet. My grandpa, 91, died on Dec. 28th. Like yours, he taught me love and faithfulness. We are blessed...

Anonymous said...

well, I have to say that I remember Grandaddy quite well so it was fun to read those and remember especially since I got to eat at Grandaddy Tatum and have lunch on Sundays (meat and potatoes) =) How times do change but love remains the same. love ya!